To Beautiful Cousins Growing Up

It has to be one of the strangest things to look at someone you always thought of as “that little girl who always begged you to play hide-and-go seek” and realize that she’s become a beautiful, intelligent woman.  Seriously.  Time flies and this girl is a senior in high school already.  Which means it’s senior picture time!

Emily and I had so much fun exploring Mount Gretna this fall and got some wonderful pictures along the way.

Wishing you all the best, Emily, as you finish up high school and move onto even bigger and better things!

Upward and onward,



To the Purest Kind of Joy

Guys! Just wait until you see the moment this groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time!  It’s the purest expression of complete joy you’ll ever see.

Seriously though, every aspect of Tim and Jane’s wedding day made me say “awwwwwww.”  I showed up at the guys house first thing in the morning and Tim was practically bouncing up and down with excitement.  It was a beautiful day, so the guys decided to get ready out on the front porch.  (True Lancaster county style!)  After photographing the guys getting ready, it was off to the bride’s house where we slipped the bride into her stunning rustic chic gown and hurried off to the barn for the wedding ceremony.

Tim and Jane made the wedding ceremony truly their own.  They even included their first dance as part of their wedding ceremony…the perfect “grand finale” after saying “I Do.”

Their reception was filled to the brim with laughter and love….and with some sneaky siblings that decided to “decorate” the bride and groom’s get away car.

Jane and Tim, I loved working with you both!  May you always be every bit as in love as you were on your wedding day!

Upward and Onward,

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To Summer Time Magic

When I found out I was going to be photographing the wedding of two art majors, I just knew I was in luck!  Every single little detail was beautifully and thoughtfully put together,  from the bridesmaid’s killer bright yellow necklaces to fun games left out for the guests to play during cocktail hour.  (Anyone up for a game of checkers?)

The best part of the day by far, though, was getting to work with Meg and Jon.  They were up for anything…even a few magical night shots in the rain.

Wishing this sweet pair all the best on their journey together!

Upward and Onward,


PS.  I had the honor of hiring Fatima from FMA Photography as my second shooter.  Many thanks to her for her endless talent.




To Love in the Fall

From the moment I met Amanda and Zack, I knew photographing this wedding was going to be a lot of fun!  Not only did I get to hire Fatima (Fatima Mughal-Ansan Photography) as my oh so talented second shooter for the day, this wedding was my very first Orthodox Jewish wedding.  Not to mention the awesome, stunning couple I got to work with all day!

I loved the rich, ancient traditions that were laced throughout the day (I now know awesome words like chuppah!) and the sweet, intament moments that made the day so unique (what a stunning first look this couple had!).

And then there was all the pretty details…the perfectly miss-matched bridesmaids dresses, the stunning stone mansion venue, the lace and mason jars.

Below are just a few of my very favorite images from the day!  Best of luck Amanda and Zack as you go through life together!

Upward and Onward,


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To Families Coming Together

I had the privilege of working with this beautiful family this fall!  We got some fantastic shots with the beautiful Nolde Creak State Park as our backdrop.  Absolutely ADORED their bright yellow and blue outfit color scheme; it worked perfectly with the fall colors in the background.


Here are a few of my favorite images from their shoot.


Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Upward and Onward,



To Chelsea and Jason

I ADORE couples like this:


Me:  “Look at that awesome spot over there! That would make a beautiful picture.  Too bad it’s across the creek though.”


Chelsea and Jason: “Not a problem!”


*begin to forge through the forest and cross the creek*


Seriously though, watching these two together was too sweet, holding hands and helping each other out as they hiked.  I cannot wait to see them get married and wish them all the best!


Enjoy a few of my favorite pictures from their engagement shoot at Nolde Forest earlier this spring!



Upward and Onward,



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To Remembering Winter’s Lovely

Winter finally is laying down its sleepy head to rest for a few months, but when I dug up these shots of my beautiful sister that I hadn’t got around to posting earlier…well, I just couldn’t resist.  Enjoy!

Upward and Onward,


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