To the Other Side of Christmas

There is this other side to Christmas.

I’ve been trying to ignore it for the past few weeks, having an almost moral obligation to embrace all the sparkles, magic, and merriment that is considered Christmas.

But this other side exists nevertheless.

In the midst of all the hyper-emotion and plastered on joy, there is this certain mundane “every-dayness” that seems to creep through.  College kids come home and head back to the same jobs they worked during the summer.  Evenings are spent being entertained in front of the computer.  Life goes on just as unmagically as ever.

But maybe this isn’t a bad thing. Maybe we should stop ignoring this and start celebrating even the mundane.

Upward and Onward,


IMG_9327 IMG_9331 IMG_9318 IMG_9321 IMG_9323 IMG_9333 IMG_9337


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