To the Purest Kind of Joy

Guys! Just wait until you see the moment this groom sees his beautiful bride for the first time!  It’s the purest expression of complete joy you’ll ever see.

Seriously though, every aspect of Tim and Jane’s wedding day made me say “awwwwwww.”  I showed up at the guys house first thing in the morning and Tim was practically bouncing up and down with excitement.  It was a beautiful day, so the guys decided to get ready out on the front porch.  (True Lancaster county style!)  After photographing the guys getting ready, it was off to the bride’s house where we slipped the bride into her stunning rustic chic gown and hurried off to the barn for the wedding ceremony.

Tim and Jane made the wedding ceremony truly their own.  They even included their first dance as part of their wedding ceremony…the perfect “grand finale” after saying “I Do.”

Their reception was filled to the brim with laughter and love….and with some sneaky siblings that decided to “decorate” the bride and groom’s get away car.

Jane and Tim, I loved working with you both!  May you always be every bit as in love as you were on your wedding day!

Upward and Onward,

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